In a nutshell, we are ‘All Things Website.’

Everything that a website must have, it will have.

Our design team leaves no digital surface unscratched. We service companies from the bare bones of a website to an interactive website hosting cutting-edge, custom-made software and apps resulting in a website that tells your brand’s story. We have several teams specializing in different areas. Their combined efforts make every website pop.

Creative Teams

We have four creative teams working on every website we design.


Casta’s designers create websites that have user-friendly interfaces with software and applications that respond quickly and run smoothly. The team uses the brand’s colors and logo across all areas of the website and social media platforms to create brand identity. This affects the overall visual design of the website and produces a consistency that is needed to attract customers.


The strategic team delves deep into the sales and marketing strategies of a company, and the viability of each product in today’s market. They carefully research the industry, any viable competitors, and their success or failure in the market. They take these statistics and form a strategy for the website to fill any area the competition has missed. They also make sure not to include the areas where the competition has failed. This makes the company unique, having the ability to over something that other companies have not.


Our development team are certified in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are programming languages used to build websites. HTML and CSS control the overall look of a website; its structure and layout. JavaScript controls how all of these elements behave and is present on every website on the web. With the skill of these computer languages, our design team can create the best look for your site.


Content is king. The other elements listed before are needed to create an attractive and functioning website, but if there is no content there, the customer will quickly navigate to another site. The content team is a vital part of every project we undertake.

Our writers create articles for the blogs on each website with the subjects and information each company provides them with. They created stellar content that is SEO optimized for maximum traffic. Our editors ensure that every written word on the entire site is grammatically correct and formatted in the best way possible.

The animation and graphics experts provide video and animations that bring life to the web pages.

All of these team members work together to give each and every project the best outcome.